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Gauge 0 /  Gauge 1

GAUGE O SKINLEY BLUEPRINTS Mainly SR & GWR locos, carriages & goods stock. Please ask for specific requirements   (Too numerous to list)     Each £2.50

GAUGE 1  SECR Wainwright C class  0-6-0 tender loco with inside cylinders. Drawings by Paul Forsyth  3 sheets.  (Boiler materials available).   £10.00

3 1/2in. gauge / 3/4in. scale  

LNWR 1903 Queen Alexandra's Royal Saloon. Original pen and ink drawings by Bassett-Lowke (Scale Models) Ltd. 1981.   Exquisitely drawn, showing full internal, external and chassis detail. The original coach, together with the B-L model are in the National Railway Museum, York.  10 sheets   £90.00

LNER CLAYTON STEAM RAILCAR (1928) Original pen and ink drawings by Bassett-Lowke (Scale Models) Ltd. 1984. Plus 10x8 colour photo.  4 sheets   £50.00

5in. gauge/ 1in. scale 

GWR RAIL MOTOR 0-4-0T  Based on the Rhymney Rly. loco. Easy-build design by Don Young. 8 sheets   £20.00

AJAX 0-4-0T by Reeves. Another easy-build design.     9 Sheets    £20.00

GWR DUKEDOG 4-4-0 tender loco by Keith Wilson.  Includes several copies of Model Engineer 1980-81 detailing construction. 25 sheets.  SOLD
GNR ATLANTIC 4-4-2 tender loco by Clarksons. Includes various working sketches & notes.  11 sheets.  £20.00
GNR STIRLING SINGLE 4-2-2 tender loco by Reeves.  18 sheets    £36.00
BR ROYAL SCOT 4-6-0 tender loco (as re-built with taper boiler). Set of blueprints by Henry Greenly.  9 sheets.  £20.00
ROYAL SCOT 4-6-0 tender loco (as built with parallel boiler). Official drawings from North British Loco Co. Includes several larger scale (3in/ft.) and full-size  8 sheets £20.00
LNER A4 4-6-2 tender loco. Works drawings, showing pipework. 2 sheets  £8.50
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